Friday, June 10, 2011

Advanced Studies

My wife found these in a file cabinet drawer recently.


That's 12 pages of spiral notebook paper. Every line filled, and most of them filled up on the backside, also.

12 pages of what exactly?


This stuff dates back 6 years or more, when I was trying to leave my old job. I was studying for Microsoft Certification exams. I wrote down every item that could possibly be on the test. The "X" marks next to each line means that I had mastered that particular item.

The "X" marks stop at around page 10. I guess I ran out of time before the exam. :)


I also seem to have had some questions about the "ContentPager Control". Come to think of it, I may still have some questions about that one.

My wife, bless her, she was so generous. Looking over this pile of old study material, she offered, "We can put it back in the cabinet if you want to keep it."

I have the sweetest wife in the world.

Despite her kind offer, I threw the pile away. :)


At 1:09 PM, Blogger V said...

I see you put your Sound Blaster notebook to fine use. Or at least use. I think I still have mine. It's been written in a bit, but not nearly so well as yours. Good on you!

Blogword curri I'm stumped. Perhaps it is stalking someone else this week?


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