Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Memory Lane

Last weekend, I got to play trucks with my nephews!

Even better? They were *my* old trucks!

What can I say? I was a fan of really big wheels. Don't judge.

As a kid I had these awesome metal Tonka Truck toys. They had a spectacular layer of filth on them, so we had a little Clorox party first.

I remember most of these toys. It was incredibly fun to see my nephews playing with them.

After we emptied out my old toy box, my dad brought out another one that I didn't recognize. It was one of *his* old toy boxes. It had wood blocks, Tinker Toys, dominoes, plastic "Cowboy and Indian" figures, and an arm-less freakish baby doll that would give Chuckie nightmares (Dad had sisters).

The U-Shaped bandy-legged guys had me in hysterics. But look deeper... there's so much more to enjoy. The horse in the upper right has no tail (my oldest nephew called him "No-Tail Charlie"). The ambiguous farm animal in the middle had an unfortunate run-in with an unspecified vehicle (Mom called him the "Axle-Pig"). And the little seated Army guy in the lower right has an expression of sincere concentration on his face...

I call him "Constipation Dan".

There was also this wonderful little plastic ukulele / guitar thing. One of the pegs is broken, but you're supposed to stretch rubber bands across it like so...

If you like the ukulele lady, the ukulele lady like-a you!


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