Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Paint Party

My wife and I decided to do something about our bathroom this past weekend. The walls were yellow. I didn't like the idea that my walls could so easily mask a critical bathroom incident.

The first coat went on with minimal brush-slapping, which was nice. The walls and I both had a nice semi-transparent blue layer. My wife was spotless. "How did you do that?", I asked. Her reply was, "Clean living."

Eventually, I stepped in the paint tray. "This is all just part of the process," I explained while wiping my sock on the walls.

Later: "We're nearly done!", my wife shouted. "I think it's turning out nice," I said. "But... it's not too late to go back to the yellow."

She gave me a confused look. "Really?" "No." She hit me. "Dork."

After I got cleaned up, my wife hung me on the back porch with the brushes to dry. She was still spotless.


(note: this will be my only blog post this week. sorry)


At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Daniel B said...

The walls are yellow specifically to -hide- critical bathroom incidents. :)


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