Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Lime Ninja

LadyPatsFan and Big Dawg both share a love for Diet Lime Coca-Cola. Big Dawg was headed to his desk with a case of the green goodness when a generous / malicious idea popped into his head.

Big Dawg took one of his cans and snuck over to LadyPatsFan's desk. Big Dawg is a large fellow and does not sneak easily, but when the cause is just he can manage. He reached slowly over the partition wall and gently placed the can of soda just out of LadyPatsFan's line of sight.

The can went, "plink".

Big Dawg ran away. As I mentioned, Big Dawg is a large fellow. The "running away" part involved quite a bit of stomping, scuffing, and tripping. There was nothing subtle about the escape or the route. Godzilla would have been proud.

A few minutes later, LadyPatsFan came by with her open can of soda. She would have arrived sooner, but first she had to open her surprise-o-can and take a big swig because priorities.

"Was that you?..."

Big Dawg happily confessed. "That was me doing my super-sneaky ninja moves!"

"Ah," I said. "The Lime Ninja?"


The Lime Ninja Delivery Service. Noisy, but full of lime!


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