Friday, December 14, 2012

Speedy Kiddo

We went to my 2-year-old nephew's birthday party last weekend.

Have you ever tried to take kiddo pictures on a cell phone with no flash, on a day where the kids are all sugar'd up and squealing? This was one of the few pictures where he stayed in the frame.

I have one pic of him in the "Snagglepuss" pose, looking like he's about to race off in some direction. He's so blurry it hurts to look at for very long, but it's pretty hysterical.

I kid you not, even when standing upright he was wiggling side to side so much that he blurred when I took a pic of him reading a book.

He never stopped running, except to pose for other people's pictures (*sigh*). I did wind up with a few nice pics of the back of his head, though.

Unrelated, but fun. I found a mustache Christmas ornament at Hobby Lobby this year.

I didn't buy it... but I nearly did. :)


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