Monday, November 19, 2012

Oppan Gan-Nerd Jeff Pics

OK, so the response to Photoshop Jeff was pretty dismal. I have trouble imagining why people don't jump at the chance to mock me... maybe I am much, much more fantastic than I think? I bet that's it.

In any case, I did get a couple of pics from P-Ziddy and then I made a couple of my own. Apparently I am the un-mock-able wind beneath your wings and all, but I promise it's OK to smirk and even giggle if you're feelin' it.

P-Ziddy did these first two. He told me he couldn't find a Babylon 5 backdrop that he was happy with.

That got me thinking and searching. I couldn't quite find a perfect Babylon 5 backdrop either, but I did run across a couple that worked out OK for me.

That's me on the planet Minbar! Crystalline structures make me gotta get my groove thing on.

I'm in your background, stealing your scenes. So much for drama!



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