Friday, November 09, 2012

Photoshop Jeff: Oppan Gan-Nerd Style!

You know what my favorite parts of the Gangnam Style video are?

It's when he's doing that amazing horsey dance with nobody (or nearly nobody) around him.

This dude is wonderfully hysterically wonderful. He's just gotta dance, baby! Rain or shine, with or without an audience, that lasso's gotta FLY!

I also love how coordinated his backup dancers aren't. But I digress.

I gotta dance!!!

This may be the easiest Photoshop Jeff ever. Just pluck out my background and make me dance somewhere. Doesn't matter where.

Remember, click into those images for a larger version of the picture.

My long-time readers know that I have very strict posting rules. If you send it, I gotta post it. Go for PG13 or less, please. :) Have fun, and send your Photoshopped goodness to:

jeff . w . mcclung @ gmail . com

In a week or two, I'll collect up all the pics I get and feature them here.

Previous Photoshop Jeff events can be found here. Keep on horsey dancing!



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