Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Leftover Candy

Last week, M16 brought in a LOT of leftover Halloween candy. He started handing it out to everybody.

P-Ziddy tried to refuse. "Yeah, because none of *us* have any leftover candy." M16 ignored him and kept shoveling out mounds of little unwelcome fun-sized nuggets.

"I brought leftover candy of my own," I said, glaring. M16 left me alone. But everybody else got candy piled on them.

Later, M16 wandered out of the office for a few minutes. K2 and P-Ziddy looked at each other. "Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

They returned all the candy to M16's desk. Some was in a desk drawer. Some in his chair, some in his tissue box, and one on top of his monitor, where it instantly started to melt.

M16 was stunned. "OK, OK, I won't hand out anymore."

P-Ziddy wasn't done. "Did you find the ones under your keyboard?" M16 looked. "Ah, here they are."

"Did you find the ones behind your stapler?" "Sheesh, guys."

"Did you find the ones we stuck in your jacket pockets?" "Oh, c'mon..."

My turn. I grinned. "Did you find the piece they stuck down the front of your pants?"

Eyes wide. "No way!"

The best part is, he nearly looked.


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