Monday, October 15, 2012

Second Floor

At work, my office is on the second floor. Know how I can tell?

I'm so glad I don't work on the first floor. I can just imagine somebody coming up to me and asking, "Where's the second floor?"

"Well, we're on the first floor right now. That must mean the second floor is over across the street and under a manhole cover."

The next one to walk up would say, "Excuse me kind sir. I'm having trouble locating the second floor. Might you assist?"

"Go in the elevator and press '7'. When you step out, go to the restroom on your right. Drop a quarter in the toilet and make a wish."

P-Ziddy will get this joke. Ask him.
Before long I'd either be punched or fired. Either way is bad for Jeff.

True story - My office used to be on the third floor, and my desk was in view of the stairwell. One day, a lady came half-way down those stairs, then leaned way over so that she was looking at me with her head nearly upside down.

"Excuse me," she asked. "Is this the basement?"

"No, this is the third floor."

"Oh." Then, the lady turned around and went back upstairs.



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