Monday, September 10, 2012

Captain Jeff

I was chatting with my buddy Queen Spoo the other day. I updated her on all my pathetic injuries, including the latest news on my tricky foot. Basically, if the latest round of ointments and exercises don't knock out the pain, my podiatrist is going to put me in a boot.

"That sounds extreme."

"Extreme is when foot pain lingers for years at a time," I replied. "I'm willing to try a boot and crutches if that's what it takes. I'm even willing to lose the foot and switch to a peg leg."

Queen Spoo liked that idea. "Then we'd start calling you Capt'n Jeff."

"And that... would be *awesome*."

My mind was full of possibilities. "Instead of all the 'Hey Jeff!' that I get at work, people would have to say, 'Ahoy, Capt'n!'. That would be such a welcome change. Also, I could get a stuffed parrot for my shoulder."

"Absolutely," said Queen Spoo. "Go for the whole nine yards."

"Next time my dental crown falls out," (oh yeah... my crown fell out. Neat, huh?), "I'll replace it with a gold tooth."

"Excellent. I'll send you an eye-patch."

"You're a true friend!"

When I filled in Big Dawg and P-Ziddy about the possibility of Jeff in a cast, Big Dawg was giddy. "If that happens," he insisted, "then I DEMAND a Photoshop Jeff!"

Well, we'll see. If I do wind up in a cast, I'll be sure to post a pic and let P-Ziddy run wild with it, if nothing else. In the meantime, if any of you want to re-use any of my previous photos and go with a pirate theme, I wouldn't call that a waste of time. :)

By the way, this will be my only post this week. Unless I get some pirate-Jeff pics, anyway. (jeff dot w dot mcclung at gmail dot com).



At 7:25 PM, Blogger spoometalhead said...

That'd be awesome there mate! ARRRR!


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