Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Say My Name

I know several people who work in the same Downtown area that I do. I rarely see them of course, because we're in different office buildings. It is a rare joy to occasionally see a friendly face.

Recognize me?
I was out wandering one day and saw my next-door neighbor. Recognition lit up on both our faces.

"Hi!", I said, smiling.

He smiled too. "How's it goin', Gary?"

Aaaaaannnnd... I deflated. Gary? What?

"Hey there, *you*." I deliberately left out his name. "I'm fine."

We chatted for a bit, and then parted. The very next day I saw him again, but this time we were in our front yards.

"How's it goin', Jeff?"

"Oh, *today* you know my name."

I guess I've been called worse things than "Gary". But not by much.


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