Friday, August 10, 2012

The Whistling Incident

Big Dawg got a new phone and was showing it off. "Check out the default 'Text' sound!", he gleefully shouted. He pushed a button and his phone whistled.

"And it does THIS and it does THAT and it does ..." Big Dawg chattered on for a long time. Nice phone, I guess.

Later, I heard his phone whistle. It was a happy jaunty little melody. I tried to imitate it. I figured I could sneak up behind Big Dawg one day and do the sound... maybe he'd grab for his phone and hilarity would ensue.

Boyfriend for hire
Then his phone whistled again. And again. And again. Big Dawg had left his phone at his desk, and suddenly he was getting Text messages like a teeny-bopper at a Bieber-sighting.

It didn't bother me. I imagined throngs of adoring fans, gathered around my cubical and whistling at *me*. I grinned big. This was great!

In in the distance I could hear Impervious growling. "Why won't it STOP?!?" It just made me giggle all the more.

Eventually, Big Dawg came back to his desk. 5 voices shouted "FINALLY!" all at once. Big Dawg was baffled.

He sat down, and Impervious showed up at his desk half a second later. He was still growling. "Dude. Your. Phone."

I walked by, hands raised in the "Rock on!" position. "Dude! Your phone!"

Big Dawg spent the next few minutes finding his volume buttons. :)


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