Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have a pitchfork at my desk. Don't act surprised. I'm only surprised I can't find a picture of it at my desk... I thought I had one. Oh well... use your imagination.

Anyway, I had the pitchfork out on display. It wanted to be used. It *needed* to be used. So I picked it up and ran at Big Dawg.

"Yeeaaaarrgghhh!" Poink!

Big Dawg looked down at his arm where I'd "poinked" him. Then he reached for a weapon of his own.

"Yeeaaaarrgghhh!" Slap!

Big Dawg slapped me with his vintage Bozo the Clown doll. I think Bozo enjoyed it. I'm sure I heard him cackle.

Big Dawg and I were both grinning like idiots. We turned to face the rest of the office.

No one had noticed.

I walked into the middle of the office, holding the toy pitchfork. Nothing.


Apparently I can get away with more than I previously thought. This could be fun. :)


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