Friday, July 06, 2012

Stuff My Face

A group of us went out to lunch last week. I ordered a cold ham-and-turkey sammich. I was completely unprepared for what came out.

That's four sammich wedges, each nearly as tall as a pickle spear, with lunchmeat packed in as tightly as you find it in the store.

I didn't realize we were ordering from the Deli Density Diner. Next time I'll ask for a kid's menu.

I had to pull each sammich wedge apart to eat it, because unhinging my jaw like a reptile wasn't an option. Check it out:

"When he eats that," said Monty, "I bet he looks like a snake that ate an egg, with a big lump working its way down."

I'm pretty sure I saw P-Ziddy shed a tear or two while laughing at that one.

Oh well. It was a good sammich. Took me 3 hours to eat it all, but I liked it.


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