Monday, June 18, 2012


So, after SpanFan's tear-jerker farewell, we had a position open at work. One of the applicants was most unexpected and extremely welcome... P-Ziddy.

That's right, my old buddy, long-ago coworker, and high-profile blog personality P-Ziddy! When his interview was scheduled, our mutual friend V nearly lost her mind.

"Can I suggest interview questions?!?" It would have crushed her soul to say no. "Sure!"

Her list was quite good, actually.

1) What do you want to be when you grow up? Acceptable answers:
  - Taller.
  - Jedi Knight
  - Able to leap medium to large objects.

2) What super hero most personifies your coding abilities?

3) Superman was Clark Kent to the Daily Planet. What is P-Ziddy to his employer?

4) You have a room to pack and three sizes of boxes. Large, medium and small. Which boxes do you pack with beer?

V also suggested that we all wear fake mustaches, give him an ASCII-art Ink Blot test, and make him sing "White and Nerdy".

Ultimately, none of those interview questions came up. I did hit him with, "This next question accounts for 49.5% of your overall score.... Kirk or Picard?"

P-Ziddy sniffed out the trick question and correctly answered, "Sheridan." We hired him on the spot.

Holy buckets! I work with P-Ziddy again! What have I DONE?!?


At 8:51 AM, Blogger V said...

It wouldn't have crushed my soul, but it would have left a nasty scratch that I would have to have buffed out. Do you have any idea how much soul buffing costs these days?


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