Friday, June 08, 2012


My normal routine when I walk into the office is to walk past everybody's desk and say "hi". I'm usually the last to arrive in the morning and my desk is over on the other side of the office anyway, so I may as well be friendly about it.

I approached LadyPatsFan's desk and said "hi". There was a crashing noise from over in the middle of the office. OoRah shouted, "Oh! She's here!"

Suddenly we had OoRah running over to join us at LadyPatsFan's desk. I wasn't prepared for a meeting. I hadn't even gotten to *my* desk yet. In fact, I wasn't quite sure if I was even awake yet.

"I got here first this morning," OoRah explained. "For the longest time I was the only one here. I'm just happy somebody is in the office now besides me."

"Somebody?", asked LadyPatsFan.

"Anybody," OoRah shrugged.

LadyPatsFan was feeling punchy. "So I'm 'Somebody'?", she asked. "Does that make Jeff 'Anybody'?"


As if on cue, M16 walked in. "Who's that, then?", LadyPatsFan demanded.

M16 wasn't prepared for a meeting either. "Me? I'm nobody."

LadyPatsFan was enjoying this. "Somebody, Anybody, Nobody!", she shouted, while pointing at each of us.

OoRah grinned, too. "New blog nicknames?"

M16 looked at me. "What is going on here?" I started to answer, but then Monty walked in.

"Look!", LadyPatsFan shouted gleefully. "It's 'Everybody'!"

Monty looked pretty stunned. "Uh... hi."

"Somebody Anybody Nobody Everybody!"


Aside from "Hi", I never said a single word. Mornings can be pretty overwhelming, sometimes.


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