Monday, May 21, 2012

My Sister Has Four Kids Now

Last week, kiddo #4 (another nephew!) made his big debut. My sister's clan continues to grow... soon she will take over the world!

When he was born, they hadn't decided on a name. So, there was some debate among the other three as to what New Brother's name should be.

They didn't name him 'Gunner'
"We should name him Gunner!", shouted the oldest nephew (12 years old). My mom grinned. "I like that name. Mike Gundy has a son named Gunner. Go Pokes!"

Mike Gundy, of course, is the OSU head football coach. Oldest Nephew is an OU fan. He made a face. "He'll be the *good* Gunner."

The middle nephew (6 years old) started poking his new brother. My dad was trying to take a picture. "Stop poking him!", Dad said. "You'll have the rest of your life to poke him. Go poke something else."

It was probably not wise to give Middle Nephew an open-ended command like that.

Yep. That's my dad's belly. He's being aggressively poked by the 6-year old while he takes a pic of the new baby.

I love it. :)


At 4:58 PM, Blogger The Tuba Geek said...

Congrats to Sarah, and GO POKES ;)


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