Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Grilled Pizza

We tried something new last week. Well, new to us. Grilled Pizza!

The instructions are pretty easy, honestly. First, obtain some pizza dough. Second, put stuff on it. Third, grill it forever.

Here's a "before" pic.

Ham and black olives. That's how we roll. Generic stuff from the crisper! Yeah!

Now, a few warnings. If you get too much water in the dough, it will be extremely sticky. I even coated my hands in flour before I started and it still wound up looking like I was wearing dough gloves. I wish I'd thought to have my wife take a picture of it... it was hilariously disturbing.

Also, don't overdo it on the pizza sauce! It will make the dough soggy. I had so much sauce and cheese that my pizza was soggy and juicy.

And finally, cook the pizza over indirect heat... fire on one side of the grill, pizza on the other side. But make sure the "hot" side is pretty blazing hot, otherwise you'll be standing out there for 40 minutes wondering if the crust will ever turn brown (hint: it won't... but the bottom *will* eventually burn!).

Even with all the challenges, it still turned out pretty good. Here's the "after" pic.

It had a liquid center and a burned bottom, but it was tasty!


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