Friday, April 27, 2012


So, last week I showed you my un-assembled Starfury model from 15 years ago.

I actually worked on it a bit last weekend! As promised, I have no idea what I'm doing. Also as promised, pictures. First, a pic from the back of the box...

This shows the 4 versions of Starfury I can build. I'm going with "Black Omega", in part because the paint job will be easier. Also, because I wanna be Alfred Bester when I grow up.

Anyway, here's the stuff that was in the box.

I started with P-Ziddy's expert advice, which was: "Don't twist the pieces off, cut them off. Leave your fingers attached." I was really hoping that at least some of the pieces would snap together and the amount of gluing I'd have to do would be minimal, but...

Holy buckets. I miss Snap-Tight. What the heck am I doing?

Even with my complete lack of skills and foresight and common sense, I still managed some progress. No cut fingers! No glued fingers! Only mild hallucinations from the glue fumes! Check it out...

This represents a good two and a half hours of work. Note the page number on the right. "2". That's right. I'm on step 2.

It may not seem like much, but I let this thing sit in the box for 15 years before I even started.

I'm gonna try to get to step three before I die.

Wish me luck!



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