Monday, April 02, 2012

That Thing With The Stuff

Not an actual pic... just a "demo" demo pic
At work, there's an old hotel that's being demolished two blocks away. I can see it from my office window. Several times a day OoRah, Monty, Big Dawg and I will gather and just stare at the big crane pulling down pieces of building.

Any day now, I expect OoRah to run away and try to join the crew. He practically drools while watching. "Ooh!", and "Yes!" noises are common.

So, recently some (office) work came up that involved me deleting some old databases. It's only data, right? I've been working with Monty on this one and I have to say... destroying old data structures isn't as much fun as pulling down that old hotel looks to be. But it *is* still pretty sweet.

I sent an email to Monty that said:

This is kinda fun. Not quite as fun as "Dude with a giant metal crane/hand thing pulling down a building", but it has its moments.

Monty seemed to enjoy that. He replied:

So if I ever want to look for a job working outside .... I know what that one is called.

Best. Toy. EVER.
You are having too much fun. Its kinda like when the parents notice, "Hey the kids have been too quiet for too long. I wonder what they're up to?" And then they find them with the bag of flour poured out all over the kitchen floor.

I could let that one go by un-commented. My reply:

How did you know about...?

Never mind. Got a mop?

I don't know how he knew. Spooky.


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