Monday, March 26, 2012

At The Zoo

Went to the zoo over the weekend. The zoo is a great place to see amazing things, like this little fellow...

Santa Claus' monkey. Ho Ho Ook!

He wasn't the strangest primate we saw, though.

Still looks like he's having trouble with those thumbs, doesn't he?

We saw the excellent new sea lion exhibit, too. And in the grandest tradition of Jeff's zoo pictures...

Damp shiney sea lion butt. Naturally. (More zoo butts here!)

Now for something half-way sentimental. Last year, I got a hat from my grandfather. It's just a standard black ball cap, with an eagle on it. He didn't even know where he got it, but it still had the tag on it.

Grandpa died late last year, and I had forgotten about the hat. I wore it for the first time last weekend to keep the sun out of my eyes. It was kinda cool... every time I'd reach up and touch it, I'd think of him and smile.

When I got home, I was red in a few places. One of the spots where I got sunburned was my forehead.

I was wearing a ball cap. Not backwards. And I got sun. On my forehead.


Thanks, Grandpa.


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