Wednesday, March 07, 2012


This British Super-Coaster Might Rip Your Limbs Off

P-Ziddy finds the neatest things. In this case it's a roller coaster in Britain that is so violent, supposedly some test dummies have come back from the ride with MISSING LIMBS.


That led to the following exchange:


Jeff: Yikes.

P-Ziddy: You weren't using that leg, were you?

Jeff: I'm not a roller coaster fan even when I'm relatively sure I'll survive the ride.

Jeff: This one?... yikes.

P-Ziddy: And yet some how, that does not shock me at all.

Jeff: Why do you mock me? I regularly spit in the face of death.

P-Ziddy: If driving across Tulsa gives you sweaty palms and the thought of 71st and Memorial gives you an anxiety attack, it stands to reason a roller coaster is bound to induce a coma

Jeff: Naw, I wouldn't stop screaming long enough to pass out.

P-Ziddy: Eventually you'll run out of oxygen.

Jeff: I played a low brass instrument for 10+ years. I can always get more oxygen.

P-Ziddy: Circular screaming?

Jeff: Ah. I see you finally understand.

P-Ziddy: I'm not sure there's enough therapy in the world to help with those night terrors

P-Ziddy: That's not to mention the day terrors

Jeff: Truly, I am forever haunted.


At 3:39 PM, Blogger The Tuba Geek said...

Circular Screaming FTW!


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