Monday, February 13, 2012

Girl Scout Cookie Time

This past Saturday was "Girl Scout Cookie Day". All the Girl Scout parents I know already had living rooms packed with cases of cookies, but Saturday was the big day that they were allowed to start selling.

And some of them started early.

Tuesday, OoRah lit the first fuse on the powder keg. "Hey LadyPatsFan," he asked. "My wife said somebody brought Girl Scout cookies to work. When are you going to start selling here?"

LadyPatsFan started to shake.


We were told, at volume, that the date to start selling was Saturday. "They aren't supposed to be selling yet!", she raved. "If you see any Scout cookies before Saturday, they are black market! Don't buy them!"

The rest of the week, LadyPatsFan would occasionally get asked "Is it Girl Scout cookie time yet?" She would generally suppress an enraged shudder before sweetly replying, "For those of us who follow the rules, not quite yet."

Friday was awesome.

The Pres came down to our office. He had two boxes of Girl Scout cookies. "Share these around the office," he instructed. He was greeted with a chorus of "Thanks!" and such. Programmers + Free Cookies... it's the stuff of dreams come true.

LadyPatsFan looked down and kept her face impassive. "Thanks," she managed. When The Pres left the office, she began to shake. "....eeeeeyyyYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAARRGGHHHH!"

A couple of our coworkers had mercy on her. "I won't eat any of the illicit cookies," Big Dawg sincerely promised. "I will," I said. I was equally sincere.

I'll make it up to her by buying a box or two of the street-legal stuff this week. But I have to admit, the illicit cookies were a little extra sweet. :)


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