Monday, February 06, 2012


How was your Super Bowl weekend? I kicked mine off in style. I got a nasty stomach virus which made me so nauseous that I couldn't even finish the drive home. I pulled over, lost my lunch, and then an ambulance took care of the rest.

Friday evening in the ER. Now it's a party!

The guys loaded me into the ambulance. One of them tried three times to get an I.V. in my arm. "Your skin is like leather!", he said. I'm not exactly known for working long hours in the blistering sun. "Maybe you just suck at this," I suggested. "Hey driver," he said. "Hit some big potholes on the way over." Then he cut a hole in the bottom of my nausea bag.

There wasn't much fun n' games once we arrived at the hospital, of course. Poked, prodded, I.V.'d (successfully on the first try), scanned. Nausea meds, fluids, and so on. They took my blood pressure several times. The last time, they wrapped the thing around my arm and it started to squeeze. Then over on the other arm, the nurse pulled out the I.V.


"Hey," the nurse commented. "Your heart rate just went up."

"Ya THINK?!?"

They told me to rest, lots of water and so on. I'm still pretty funky today. Maybe I'll be all better by Tuesday.

Stupid weekend. Who needs it, right?


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