Friday, March 02, 2012

Eat Fresh

Big Dawg came back from Subway with a story to tell. "They don't say 'Eat Fresh' anymore!"

For those who haven't been verbally assaulted at a Subway recently, the employees (at least around here) are / were required to shout "Welcome to Subway! Eat fresh!" as you walk in. They hate it. The customers hate it. But "corporate" requires it.

Apparently enough customers complained about it that a new memo came down the line. They are now forbidden to say "Eat Fresh!" after the initial greeting.

"I still hate the 'Welcome to Subway' part," Big Dawg complained.

"You could echo back to them," I suggested. "They say 'Welcome to Subway', you shout 'Eat fresh!'".

Big Dawg shook his head. "When restaurants make their people yell at you like that it just makes me want to scream or hurt somebody."

I shook a fist in mock anger. "Let's see you shout 'Welcome to Subway!' after I cut out your tongue!"

Big Dawg disagreed. "No, because then they'd just shout 'BLAAUAUU!! ROROOOOAUUU!! AAAAAHHH!!', and that would be horrible."

"Horrible? I'd tip them a quarter every time they shouted that!"

I have an idea now for a themed restaurant. I'm looking for investors. :)


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