Monday, March 05, 2012

Small World

OoRah was chatting with one of his neighbors. I have no idea how it came into the conversation, but they discovered that OoRah's neighbor is actually an old high school friend of my wife.

Great. Now my wife has a way to send secret messages to OoRah. Now I'm doomed.

The Golfer chimed in. His wife knows a guy at work who has the same ex-wife as a guy the Golfer knows from the gym. That must be one heck of a "special" lady.

M16 walked in late in the conversation. He heard the phrase, "They both have the same ex-wife" without any context and got very confused.

OoRah had mercy and gave him a quick recap. "Oh wow," said M16. Big Dawg nodded. "Yup," he agreed. "It's a small world, after all."

There was a pause. Big Dawg's face contorted. "GAH! I did it to myself! It's stuck in my head!"

"Need another to drive it out?", M16 suggested. "Put a ring on it?"

I joined in. "Mahna-Mahnam."

SpanFan: "Friday! Friday!"

Big Dawg gave up. "I'm gonna go find 'Yellow Submarine'."


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