Friday, March 16, 2012

Peanut Hound

I've written about the freight elevator before, right? Good.

My desk, with freight elevator barely visible in the backMy desk has been across from that thing for nearly 4 years now. The occasional moderate crashes and bangs are easily ignored. The infrequent shouting is harder to overlook, but it's generally pretty amusing so that's OK.

Of course, it's not always easy to make out the words when folks are shouting in the freight elevator. The metallic echos distort things quite a bit. Last week I heard somebody shouting in there, and it sounded just like...

"C'mon, Peanut Hound! WOOOOOOOO!!!!"

I'm not sure what a "Peanut Hound" is. Naturally, I turned to the expert in all things obscure: P-Ziddy.


P-Ziddy: Cockroach races in the basement. Someone just lost 10 bucks.

Jeff: I nearly bounced my head off the keyboard I was laughing so hard there.

P-Ziddy: Jeff concussed? Check.

P-Ziddy: My work here is done.

Jeff: You may go home now. Job well done!

P-Ziddy: Mind if I give you my bosses number so you can inform her?


Worth noting: Apparently I cannot send people home for the day. Sorry, 'Zid!



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