Monday, April 16, 2012


My little nephew (almost 6!) is turning into a bit of a shark. Check this out...

He keeps a little bowl in Grandma's pantry. He calls it his "cash register". Every time my mom goes in there to get something, he charges her for it.

"Grandma, those beans are 50 cents." Grandma pays for the beans (that she already bought once already) and he puts the money in his "cash register". He's turning into quite the little capitalist. Trump would be proud.

So, a couple of weeks ago he announced that a book fair was coming to his school. "I got two books picked out," he said. The books were 4 dollars each, but all Grandma had to give him was a $20. "I don't want to give you this," she explained, "I'll need to make change for you first,..." She didn't get any further before Nephew got annoyed. "I'll get it from my cash register," he huffed.

He got out 8 bucks and went to school.

Later, Grandma asked him about his day. "What books did you get?" He proudly showed off 1 book. "I thought you got two?"

Nephew held up an eraser that was molded into the shape of an iPhone. "I got this instead!", he proudly announced. "Now I can talk to my friends, play games... I can even Twitter."

Grandma was skeptical about his claims, but decided to let that part slide. "How much did it cost?"

Nephew's eyes went wide. "Uh... I don't remember." "Oh really?", asked a doubtful Grandma. "Did you get any change back?" Nephew had yet to blink. "I don't remember."

It appears that our little businessman was skimming off the top a bit there.

Trump would be... proud?


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Kellie said...

Being a mom; I'd say it sounds like someone needs a spanking; I'm just not sure if it's the nephew for being a brat or the grandma for letting him be a brat.

Now also being a grandma myself, I have to laugh and say I'd probably be letting my grands get away with stuff like this too! lol!


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