Monday, May 07, 2012

Free Samples

Last week the "McDonald's Sampling Truck" came by our office for a visit. They handed out free samples of their new Cherry Berry Chiller, as well as some "giveaways and coupons".

Of course, the announcement could have simply said, "Some guys will be coming by with free stuff." It would have had the same effect.

The big day arrived. LadyPatsFan, M16, Monty and I all went down to behold the glory of ...

... a ghost taking close-up pictures of a truck, while dancing.

The samplers themselves were really small, but I have to admit they were good.

MMMmmmmm...! Pink Slime. Whoo-hoo!

I think they used liquid nitrogen to chill the samples. Two sips and I had a brain freeze so severe that I had to sit down for a minute.

They also handed out coupons and swag! A beach ball and some comically large sunglasses! I put mine on and asked, "Do these look stupid? If they look stupid, they're going on my blog." M16's face was carefully neutral. "I'm not gonna be the one to say they look stupid... I'll just say that they should go on your blog."

Maybe I'm crazy, but they don't look as ridiculous as I'd hoped. Oh well.

I showed off my pre-inflated beach ball to OoRah. He was unimpressed. "It looks like a colostomy bag." He got a chorus of "What?..." responses. "It's just the area he's holding it in."

"Well, thanks for thinking about my area."

Probably the funniest visual image of the whole ordeal was LadyPatsFan trying to inflate her beach ball. She seemed to be workin' pretty hard at it. After watching her huff and puff for a bit I commented, "Yeah... that looks dignified."

I think she might have tried to hit me if she hadn't been laughing so hard. Plus, the lack of oxygen may have been blurring her eyesight a bit. I'm not sure she knew where I was standing.

Yay, free stuff!


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