Friday, May 18, 2012

Step Seven!

Holy Progress, Batman!

This was the easy part

The "thrusters" step looked pretty intimidating, but turned out easy. At least at first.

Red Bull gives you wings?

These others look to be a little more tricky.

Just chillin'

And then there's this guy! The pilot, resting on a toothpick. Now get this... the Starfury is pretty much all dark gray. The stand will be all shiny black. But this tiny little guy will wind up having THREE colors painted on him! Blue suit, black boots / gloves, and he's gonna have a coating of gray on his helmet and shoulder strap. Yikes.

I'm also thinking about writing "ANDY" on the bottom of one boot. Who here actually thinks I can paint letters that small?

The Stand (non-apocalyptic version)

I skipped ahead a bit, figuring I'm about to hit a point where the 'fury has no "flat" surfaces to rest on while glue dries. The stand went together just fine...


... but the paint job was kind of a disaster. In average light, it looks OK. In bright light, it looks bubbly and lumpy and awful.

I'm glad I did that first, because I do NOT want the Starfury's paint job to look like this. Anybody have any simple advice for me to make sure this doesn't happen again?


A lot of progress, but a lot of painting still left to do. And suddenly that step worries me...



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