Monday, May 14, 2012


We have a relative newcomer in our office. A fellow programmer from another department that I'm going to nickname, "Impervious". You'll see why in a moment.

Beauty, like a former Marine...
One morning (a year or more ago) when I walked into the office I greeted OoRah by saying, "Good morning Beautiful." Even better than the sputtering surprise from the rest of the crew was OoRah's response. He simply grinned and said, "Thanks."

Ever since, I've pulled out the "Beautiful" gag once every couple of months. OoRah always plays along. It's wonderful.

Last week I walked into the break room. OoRah and Impervious were both in there. It was time to hit a newbie with one of my favorite jokes. I decided to crank it up a notch.

"Hey, Impervious," I said. Then, to OoRah: "Hello Gorgeous."

You told a joke. How wonderful.
OoRah grinned and played along like always. Impervious... well, he just simply nodded and then walked out of the room.

We watched him go. There was no reaction. None.

"Well," OoRah said. "It *was* nice to get a promotion."

"It didn't even phase him." I was baffled. "Wow."

OoRah consoled me. "You'll just have to think of something even more outrageous to call me next time."

I sniffled a little. "Thanks, Beautiful."

Help me out here... what should I call OoRah next time?


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