Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ceiling Fan

I'm sure you all remember this blog post from July of 2008. Shortly after we moved into our house, a ceiling fan broke. It's the smallest and least-used room of the house, so we kinda forgot about it.

Well, I'm pleased to announce that less than four years after the first one broke, I have replaced the fan! You just don't find service like that these days.

Naturally, I replaced it with the cheapest fan we could find. When we turned it on, the hum of the motor was loud enough that our neighbors could hear it. That was on the "low" setting. When we turned it up to high the phrase "Howling Demon" was invoked.

So, I got to replace the fan... twice. The second fan was a little higher quality. It actually functions like a fan should function. Plus, it's slightly nuclear.

Insert "That would make a good name for a rock n' roll band" joke here.

You know, all my stories are going to be short this week. Therefore, I'll post on Thursday also. Why not, right? See you tomorrow.


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