Monday, June 11, 2012

Birthday Dinner

Last week I had a birthday! My wife surprised me with a pizza party... P-Ziddy and his clan showed up, as did MetaCow and his crew! It was a very loud party. Occasionally you could even hear the kids over MetaCow's wife. ;) (Love ya, Mrs. MetaCow!)

Speaking of kids, P-Ziddy's three-year old took a pic of me with Daddy's camera phone.

Not bad for a three-year old. Also, nice thumb kiddo!

MetaCow's two girls drew me pictures! I was very impressed. His oldest daughter brought this to me...

Is that sweet!?! A cute little flower, a smiling sun, even a rainbow! It says, "Happy B-Day" and everything!

Then, MetaCow's younger daughter gave me this one...

"Happy Birth Day", with an ambiguous animal disemboweling another ambiguous animal! I think Hallmark might be interested in this design, honestly.

I showed it to MetaCow, and the look of horror on his face was special beyond description. "We may need to turn off Animal Planet for a while," he said.

I'm hanging these things up in my cubical at work. They make me happy. :)


At 7:53 PM, Blogger spoometalhead said...

She might need some art therapy....


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