Monday, July 30, 2012

Raisins / And We're Done!


A couple of friends offered to make dinner for us. "Can we bring anything?"

Oh! I LOVE bug cake!
"Sure, bring a dessert. Anything, as long as it doesn't have raisins."

We got a cake and sprinkled raisins across the top. "I said no raisins!"

"Oh don't worry," I replied. "Those aren't raisins. Those are bugs."

There was a *lot* of cake leftover for us. :)

And We're Done!

I went to Walmart the other day. A mother was just in front of me with an empty basket, an arm-length list, and a itty bitty toddler girl sitting in the basket.

Momma picked up one item and put it in the basket. "AAAAAAaannnd, we're DONE!", the little girl happily shrieked. She raised her arms up in celebration.

Now we're done?
Shut up, Teddy.
"No, Honey," her mom replied. She grabbed another item from her list and put it in the basket. "AAAAAAaannnd, we're DONE!"

I watched them for several minutes. Momma would put something in the basket, and the little girl would throw her hands up in wild celebration. "AAAAAAaannnd, we're DONE!"

Even when I went my own way, I could still hear them across the store.

It was a joyful little noise. Although, I suppose her momma might disagree...


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