Friday, July 27, 2012

The Funky Chicken

Whoo-hoo! Check this out... I got my very own rubber chicken!

It's like I'm a real comedian now. *sniff*

Plus, he's a keyring. In other words he's got a real job lined up in case in the comedy thing doesn't work out. Hollywood can be a tough place.

Even though he's technically a rubber chicken, he is a bit stiff. If he had a little more heft to him, he'd probably make a pretty decent lawn dart.

That beak is sharper than it looks, too. I jabbed my finger with it and yelped... my wife gave me a look of mock sympathy and said, "Aw... did he bite you?"

"Kinda," I admitted.

Also, he has a distressingly large hinder.

Apparently he's a Kardashian. He might only be mine for 72 days, but I love him!


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