Friday, August 17, 2012

Starfury: Andy's Triumphant Return!

You remember Andy, right? He's the dime-sized pilot of my Starfury model, which is currently mostly painted!

Yeah, I know. It's a blurry pic. That's OK though, because it's a bad paint job.

I know it's been nearly a month, but I have an excuse. You see, I had to start painting outside due to the *lovely* paint / paint thinner fumes. And then, Oklahoma Summer happened. Every time I'd step outside and open up the jar of thinner, the fumes would catch on fire.

So, there it is, in all its glory. Now I can probably work on it inside, since any last painting will be little details here and there.

Up next... cockpit glass, a few last paint details, and then DECALS.

I'm terrified.



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