Monday, September 17, 2012

Scrawny Hulk

Anytime a random cartoon-y toy shows up on my desk, I instantly know who was responsible. Sometimes, I even know who was responsible before I know what the thing is.

"Hey, P-Ziddy," I shouted. "Thanks for the... uh... what is this thing?"

Then, I tried it on.

It's a Hulk Hat!

I gleefully showed it off to a random co-worker.

"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!" "Whoever said I like you when you're not?"

Harsh. But he can't smother my joy. I'm a Hulk!

I showed it to the rest of the office. "When I wear it facing forward," I explained, "I'm the world's scrawniest Hulk. But, when I turn it around, I look like I'm in an exercise video."

I did some squats and lunges. I was rewarded with a chorus of groans and choked laughter. Perfect!

"Do you feel that?," I asked, mimicking an exercise instructor. I squatted again while stroking my thighs. "Do you feel the burn in there?"

"My eyes are burning," said Monty. "Does that count?"

Yes. :)


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