Friday, October 12, 2012

Focused On The Wrong Thing

October is "Pastor Appreciation Month." My wife and I usually get a card for each of the leaders at our church.

We were standing in this aisle at Hobby Lobby...

My wife was looking at the cards. "I like this one, do you like this one, what about this one," and so on.

Of course, I had to notice all the cheap party favors (AKA "Plastic Flotsam") they had right across the aisle from the cards.

"Whoa! Twelve plastic noses for ONLY THREE DOLLARS!"

We stood there for a moment looking at each other in utter silence. My wife had a handful of Pastor Appreciation cards, I had a handful of plastic noses.

Without speaking a single word, my wife somehow encouraged me to respectively return the noses to their rightful hook and then stand silently while she picked cards.

In my defense, we could have included a plastic nose with each of the cards. "I picked this one just for you!"

Oh well. :)


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