Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Stolen Credit Card

Several of us at work had lunch together. When the waitress brought our credit cards back to the table, she handed me Monty's card.

"I think I just won the lottery," I said. Monty disagreed. "Give me that."

"Hey, what's your credit limit? Never mind... I'll find it."

Everybody laughed. But I wasn't done yet.

"I hope your credit lasts long enough for me to clear out the LEGO store."

P-Ziddy nearly choked on a bread stick. "Where else would I go with a stolen credit card?", I asked.

P-Ziddy composed himself and joined in. "Where's Jeff?... He stole a credit card... Is he headed out of the country?... No, Dallas."

Seriously... where else *would* I go?


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