Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Lost Property

A package arrived yesterday.

Oh! I got a fragile package... or maybe it's just a sign pointing out that I am fragile? Only one way to find out!

Peanuts. Why did it have to be peanuts?

Buried among the peanuts, a large and very thick manila envelope.

Inside the big thick envelope, a much smaller "normal" sized envelope. I'm getting close!

Inside the small envelope, a folded-over post-it note. Inside *that* was another, smaller folded-over post-it note. And inside THAT...

Hello little friend!

The guy I bought my vintage Optimus Prime from found this, and delivered it to me. Turns out I was missing one of his guns.

Now I am complete! *ahem* I mean, now Optimus is complete. Yeah. That's what I meant to say...



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