Wednesday, October 17, 2012


At work, some of our systems are being upgraded. The new toys are going to be pretty nice.

There was a conversation going on about the upgrades. "Instead of having to [techie nonsense], we'll be able to [techie delight]!", M16 shouted. "I can't wait!"

"Yeah, this will be nice because [techie BS]," I said. I like to pretend I know what's going on around me.

P-Ziddy, of course, cut right to the point. "So you're saying that we're getting a Performing Arts Center instead of a dirty stripper pole?"

A Barber's Pole. Because I am *not* going to do an images search for a stripper pole. :)
The stunned silence lasted almost 5 full seconds. Then, Big Dawg started to choke.

"No!," he shouted while coughing and pawing at his head. "I need to un-hear that! Pour bleach in my ears!"

Somehow we got Big Dawg calmed down before he pulled off his ears.

P-Ziddy is an urban poet and a workplace hazard all rolled into one.


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