Monday, October 22, 2012

Leftover Mug

So, there's a coffee vending machine at work (up one floor from my office). It blurts out little paper cups of the perfect percolation. All very normal.

There are multiple trash buckets in this break room, one of them only around 10 feet away. Even so, lazy people frequently drink their paper cup of coffee and then leave it on top of the vending machine. It is a rare day that there's not at least one paper cup sitting up there.

Last week I saw...

Hm. That's not a paper cup. Is that?...

Oh my. Yeah. It's a mug. Somebody actually left their mug up there.

How nasty must that mug be for somebody to want to pitch it? The inside of that thing must be awful. Even better?... the person probably drank out of it, *then* gave up on it and put it up there. Yummy.

I thought about pulling it down and wrapping it as a Christmas present for somebody, but there's nobody I hate that much.

FYI, last week was a "blah" week for me. You can tell because I'm leading off on Monday with a presumably moldy coffee mug. I'd say I've hit a new low, but my regular readers know better.

Anyway, because of my abundance of a lack of things to write about, this will be my only post this week.



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