Monday, November 05, 2012

Halloween Paper

Halloween was fun this year. I saw a kid dressed as a Rubik's Cube, another as a Vampire Pirate, and I even saw a middle-aged man toilet paper his neighbor's truck.

I'm not making any of that up.

Late in the evening, one of my neighbors walked over to say hi. "Got any candy left?", he asked. "I do, but your costume stinks so you're not getting any." Everybody had a ha-ha.

A few minutes after he wandered off, my wife and I saw him come back outside with a roll of toilet paper. He wandered over to the house next door and started papering the truck.

"What are you doing?!?" Neighbor Guy just smiled and pointed at the house. "He didn't hand out candy this year, so I figure he deserves this."

My wife and I deliberately loitered as visibly as we could under our porch light, so it would be obvious that we were not involved. "Is he gonna guess who did that?", my wife wondered. Neighbor Guy grinned and replied. "He'll know. I'm gonna text him!"

Neighbor Guy wandered off, chuckling. "I've still got a half a roll left!"

"Keep it," I advised. "You may need it later tonight."

About a minute later, there was a shout from inside Victim Neighbor's house. He ran outside and started shaking a fist in the general direction of Neighbor Guy's house.

I love my neighbors. I'm also very glad I parked in the garage.


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