Friday, November 02, 2012

Starfury Model... COMPLETE!

That's right, true believers! I finally got around to finishing the thing.

I lost a lot of enthusiasm for the project after I saw how horrible the paint job was turning out. The decals fared a little better, although they are much more impressive if you don't look at them very closely.

With that in mind... uh... here's a close-up.

Yikes! Sorry about that. I should mention that all of these pictures are clickable for larger versions. That said, I don't recommend clicking that first one. The blur only gets worse.

The one smart thing I did was to start on the underside of the model. I wound up re-gluing that decal later and it's better, but the ones up top were done after I kinda figured out what I was doing.

Speaking of the top, here's a progress shot...

I gotta say, those long narrow decals were not fun. I thought the itty-bitty tiny little ones were a pain, but those long ones were a special kind of wiggly pulling breaking re-gluing challenge.

And now, two logos...

There's the main attraction, the "Black Omega". And the top-side version of that Earth Alliance logo, much better attached than the one on the underside.

Here's a nice overhead shot of the model.

Try not to notice how off-center the decals are, OK? :)

I think Starfury's were meant to be seen from one side or the other. It gives a better sense of how the ship moves through space. Plus, it also nicely obscures how imperfect those decals are...

So, there you have it. The Starfury model adventure is complete. I now have my very own Black Omega Starfury, which is not quite fit to see the light of day. It looks alright from a distance, but up close it looks like it was assembled by a tipsy ten-year-old. :)

Even so, it was fun and I'm glad I did it. I'm also very, VERY glad it's done.



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