Monday, December 03, 2012

The Headphones Project

It sounds innocent and logical in my head, I swear it does. The only problem is that P-Ziddy knows me too well. Dang him.

I've got an old pair of headphones where the vinyl covering on the earpieces has fallen apart. When I wear those headphones I get little flaky black bits in my ears.

I've also got an old bean-bag wrist cushion that sprung a leak.

I've also got some rubber bands, and a pair of scissors. A plan started to form. Once the idea hit, I couldn't just let it go.

And yeah, I know that new headphones are cheap. But this bird is already in the hand, you know? Repairing this set of headphones wouldn't just be cheap... it would be FREE.

I had to do it.

I started by chopping into the fabric of the old wrist cushion.

And yes, those are Transformers band-aids. Because P-Ziddy can smell something crazy happening a mile away, and showed up to chaperon. And since scissors were involved, he was afraid for my safety. He knows me too well. Dang him.

Anyway, once I'd cut out some round-ish shapes from the fabric, the rest was pretty easy. Looks as good as new, right?

Please tell me that it looks as good as new. Please?

*ahem* OK, I'm better now.

At this point, the only thing left was the modeling session. P-Ziddy didn't even ask, he just pointed his phone's camera at me. He knew I'd do it. He knows me too well. Dang him.

Maybe I should spring for some new headphones.


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