Thursday, January 03, 2013

Christmas At The Office

Do you remember the stack of OSU cups that my niece and oldest nephew collected after the last football game we all went to?

Well, I took part of the stack that my wife and I brought home and turned them into a gift for all the other programmers at the office.

I was pretty excited about this. Partly because more than half of the programmers I work with are OSU fans and/or graduates. And partly because one in particular is a fan of that *other* university in Oklahoma. :)

I left the cups on everybody's desk one evening when I was the last to leave the office. When I came in, P-Ziddy and M16 were *still* giggling. "The fact that you gave K2 an OSU cup is the best Christmas present so far this year. Thanks!" It warmed my heart.

LadyPatsFan grinned viciously. "How much were those cups? I know they weren't expensive since they came from you."

Hurtful. Of course, I can't deny it... in fact I actually kinda used child labor to obtain the cups in the first place.

K2 couldn't resist a dig at me. "I couldn't help but notice that the 'Big 12 Champ' bit is dated LAST year."

I nodded. "Next year you can give me a souvenir Big 12 Championship cup. Granted, it'll be half red and half purple, but that's OK."

(The Oklahoma Sooners are co-champs, tied with the Kansas State Wildcats.)

K2 hung his head in shame. Mission accomplished!

Later that week our office had our annual Dirty Santa gift exchange. One guy opened up a pair of "Kobalt Blue Magnum Pliers."

A random joker in the office perked up. "Heeeeeeeey," he said, his voice full of suggestive overtones. "Is that the Kobalt Blue... [significant eyebrow waggle] ...Mmmmmag-num?"

There were many giggles. I replied, "Yeah, it's the one that's illegal in Utah."


And a good time was had by all. I'd hit you with a "See you next year!", but it *is* next year. I'm gonna have to work on my timing.


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