Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Poopy Noodles

iCanSpell shared an adorable story with me. Now I shall share with you.

It starts with iCanSpell and her family sitting down to dinner. Along with whatever they had that night, there were noodles. In the middle of an otherwise ordinary meal, iCanSpell's little daughter (almost 4 years old, I think) suddenly made a "yikes!" face.

"I have to go poop!", she shouted.

A few minutes later, she returned the table and started picking slowly at her food. "What's wrong?", asked iCanSpell. "Are you still hungry?"

"I don't like noodles," was her daughter's reply. "Noodles make me poop."

Poor kiddo didn't understand why her mamma laughed until she cried. Childhood can be so confusing.

Oh, and I'm desperately pleased that when a poop joke was ready to go (pun intended), iCanSpell knew exactly who to share it with. :)


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous ICanSpell said...

Three next month. And of course I shared it with you; who else would classify a poop story as adorable?


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