Monday, December 28, 2009

Phantom M&M Brownies

Spot the M&M, win a prize!One day last week, I brought in brownies for the folks in the office. Then I sent everyone the following email:

Before, during, or after lunch... you *need* a Phantom M&M brownie.

I should explain the name.

My wife and I mixed up the brownie mix as per the instructions. Then, as per our habit, we covered the top of the brownie mix with M&M's.

When we took the pan out of the oven, the M&M's were gone. This has not happened on any of our past experiences. We're at a bit of a loss.

Naturally, I tested one of the brownies. Turns out, the M&M's sunk down into the mix instead of forming a festive colorful layer on top.

So, if you find a slightly greenish lump inside your brownie, rest assured that I am NOT trying to kill you. It's just that some of the M&M's were green. The other colors blended into the brownies nicely, but green wanted to be noticed.



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