Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Big Dawg's Bread, Bad Presentation

Big Dawg's Bread

Big Dawg's home away from homeThere's a Subway restaurant right across the street from our office. Big Dawg eats there at least three times a week. They know him by name, and they know exactly what his usual order is. I don't go more than once a week, but I've been in there enough with Big Dawg that the Subway ladies know I work with him.

I got the same sammich I usually do, but I never get the same bread twice in a row. They have White, Wheat, Jalapeño Cheese and many others, but on this particular day I chose Honey Oat.

Subway Lady grabbed a loaf and started to cut into it, but it had already been sliced in two. She stared at it for a second and then laughed.

I see'd your bread, and then I take'd it"Big Dawg was just in here, but he changed his order on us! You got his bread!"

Outstanding. I got Big Dawg's bread.

It tasted sweet, knowing that I had claimed it from a worthy adversary.

Bad Presentation

Dang LemursMaarek and I were discussing how business decisions are made. The "Dilbert" method of decision making involves finding the worst possible idea and running with it. We started to riff on the method.

"OK," Maarek started. "We link to a section of the website that can only be read on an iPhone."

I picked up where he left off. "All other users are sent to pages that don't exist yet, where they can buy an iPhone from us."

"Excellent! Of course, once they get the iPhone, they have to buy an app to be able to see the special pages."

Leave me out of this!I knew exactly how to top this one off. "And for resources, our development team will consist of half of an drunk dead monkey."

I really think we're onto something here. Fortune 500, here we come!


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