Monday, June 07, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday. Admit it, you didn't get my anything, did you?


My Niece and Nephews sent me a birthday card and pictures they drew themselves! I love it! First is this one from my oldest Nephew (age 10).

"Happy Day, Birth Uncle-Jeff!" I was a little worried about the storm clouds hovering over the great white ether, but I'm pretty sure the smiley stamp means it's nothing I need to lose sleep over.

This one is from my Niece (age 8).

I love it! She drew herself into a picture with my wife and I. She gave me heart balloons, a baby-bottle-nipple hat, cat heads on flower stalks, a short fat guy tied to a tree, and that awesome huge belt buckle in the sky! What more could an Uncle want?

And then there's this from my littlest nephew (age 4).

He tore this out of one of his coloring books. He did it without ripping the page, which made him very proud. When asked if he planned to work the puzzle first, the reply was; "It's *his* birf-day. *He* can work 'da puzzle."

It's good to know he believes in me. :)


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